We currently have 180 churches in Malawi, 40 churches in Mozambique, and 1 church in Uganda. We have hundreds of chiefs asking us to build churches in their villages. The Book of Acts is unfolding before our eyes.

There is a great need for ministry in Malawi. Being one of the poorest countries in the world, 90% of Malawians live off of less than $2.00 per day. Mozambique and Uganda are suffering from a very similar plight.

We are providing hundreds of Chichewan Bibles to the people as they have very few.

We have collected hundreds of shoes for the feet of the African children, they need thousands more.

In a country of 18 million people, Malawi has nearly 2 million orphans. That’s over 10% of their popuation!


In 2017, we had the great honor of building our first Hope House! The Hope House currently gives safe haven to over sixty children. They are true orphans, having no father, mother, grandparent, aunt or uncle to care for them. They were abandoned to live in fields, under trees, or in alleyways. Most of them were nearly naked, starving to death and had no knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Thank God that is no longer the case! They are learning to read and write in two languages. They love Jesus and are committing His Word to memory. Thanks to Overseer & First Lady Kanduna, these children will be weapons of mass spiritual destruction in the days to come!


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